Tyler lives in North Carolina with his wife, a couple of rescued pups, a cat, and feral children.

Before starting down the road to writing fantasy fiction, Tyler acquired a bachelor’s in religious studies at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. But with this wealth of knowledge came the unfortunate burden of a large amount of student loans. Since thousands in debt is not the easiest to pay off, he went back to school and got a bachelorette in nursing. And more debt.

At least he can afford the payments now.

Due to his dashing good looks and an exemplary wit (or pure dumb luck), Tyler now works as an assistant nurse manager in a level one trauma center. Between working full time and ignoring his children’s cries of pain and hunger, he occasionally finds time to write some fantasy. His first ‘loves’ of fiction include the works of Neil Gaiman, Dan Simmons, and Robin Hobb. He even named his dog FitzChivalry.

The other one is Willard.